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Text Message Reminders

Patient Messaging Service

We will be able to communicate with you via text, email and land line phone using our patient messaging service, Mjog, this will enable us to contact you much more quickly and effectively. This will free up our staff to deal with those tasks only a human can do! It is important that you keep us up-to-date with your current contact details - mobile phone number, email and land line number.

Examples of how it will improve our communications include:

  • Targeted health promotion campaigns, such as flu clinics.
  • Automated appointment reminders 24 hours before. You can cancel your appointment by text using the word CANCEL, which immediately frees it up for others to book.
  • Targeted questionnaires to individual patients to help them manage chronic long term medical conditions better.
  • Reminders to attend specific clinics, e.g. diabetic, health checks, etc.
  • NHS-required information such as smoking status: you can simply reply by texting one number to give us your status.
  • Urgent communications: for example, if a GP calls in sick first thing in the morning, all patients in that surgery will be advised by text within minutes.

Of course, you can opt out by sending us a message or advising reception, but you would not be benefiting from the quick and non-intrusive communications from us that the system provides.

Next time you call into the Surgery please complete the contact form so we have your up-to-date contact details and how you wish to be contacted. Alternatively if you wish to opt out please tick the appropriate box.

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